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NLE Updates

New Course! Advanced Endodontics: 1-Week Immersion Course

This exciting course offers all aspects of endodontics in an intense 6 days with patient demos and hands-on instruction!  Day 6, Restoration of the Endodontically Tooth, is optional. The course is limited to 11 participants. Personal attention is guaranteed.  February 16-21, 2015.


Next Level Endodontics Presents in Mountain View, CA

Dr. Trope will present Modern Endodontics: Biologic and Conservative – Lecture and Hands-On to the Pursuit Study Club on October 24, 2014. There is space available.
For information, call Dr. Tim Wu at 650 964-1700.

Clinical Update from Dr. Hupp

There are many ways to perform endodontic therapy. As clinicians, we all like predictability and consistency. For the past three years, I have been using Brasseler’s BioRaCe system along with BC Sealer and BC Points (BC-bioceramics). The idea of larger apical sizes while conserving coronal tooth structure and a “technique-friendly”, bonded obturation conforms to the biologic principles we endorse at Next Level Endodontics. I am also very excited about Brasseler’s new BT RaCe system. It allows me to treat the majority of cases with just 3 files. Now, we can have predictability, consistency, efficiency and speed. As always, I welcome questions. Please continue to check our website for course information and clinical updates. — Jim Hupp

Next Level Endodontics is part of a global network of educational institutions committed to the maintenance of the natural dentition. We offer next level endodontics courses for dentists and teach endodontic and restorative concepts and techniques through seminars, lectures and hands-on courses in Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and throughout the world. At Next Level Endodontics, our goal is to help you, as a dentist, determine what level of endodontic knowledge and skill you currently possess and assist you in reaching your personal next level through one of our endodontics course offerings.

Why Choose Our Endodontic CE Courses for Dentists?

Our dentists learn new skills and work on honing their current set of skills with the help of some of the most experienced dentists in the area. When it comes to endodontic CE courses for dentists, Dr. Martin Trope and his talented faculty of accredited dental experts have crafted a curriculum that is hard to beat in terms of thorough, engaging material and real-life experience.

Teachers Who Know Their Subject

Dr. Martin Trope is internationally known as an endodontist and lecturer. While Dr. Trope is now in private practice, he has spent most of his career in academics. He and his faculty bring that wealth of theoretical knowledge and clinical experience to Next Level Endodontics. The teaching methods at Next Level Endodontics are direct, engaging and always based on available evidence.

At NEXT LEVEL ENDODONTICS, we have just completed our 2013-2014 Advanced Endodontics: A – Z  4 Weekend Course. As with all our Endodontics CE courses, emphasis was placed on bringing evidence-based endodontics to our participants’ clinical practices. This results in our attendees performing endodontic treatment predictably, consistently and efficiently. We are looking forward to taking our upcoming group of clinicians to the NEXT LEVEL.

2014-15 Scheduled Events

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…at Next Level Endodontics

I completed a root canal on tooth #2 today with confidence. I no longer have fear or intimidation on instrumentation.

— Advanced Endo A–Z Participant

…at Next Level Endodontics

I learned a lot from the course I took with you and have made modifications in my daily endodontic practice procedures. I am most grateful for what you taught me.

— Course Participant

…at Next Level Endodontics

This was one of my best investments as far as my dental career is concerned. My endo skills definitely advanced a lot more than I imagined.

— Advanced Endo A - Z Participant

…at Next Level Endodontics

Outstanding! Concise! So much information. Great venue! Great Speaker! Great lunch! Loved the hands-on. Can’t wait for more programs with you!

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